Making A Blanket – The Cheat’s Way!

Bossymamma's cheat blanket

Bossymamma’s cheat blanket

Last weekend I made my quickest ever baby blanket. I started it on Friday evening and finished it on Sunday morning!

But I did cheat!

A couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth told me that she had been given a part-knitted jumper to pass on to me. Someone who goes to the knitting group that meets on Thursday evenings at Cobwebs and the Knitting Basket in Tottington, had taken a part-knitted jumper to one of the meetings. There was quite a story about the piece, which I shan’t bother to include here. The lady who took it to the meeting offered it to anyone at the meeting who would like it. As there were no takers, Elizabeth asked if she could take it and give it to me as she was sure I would be able to make something useful for one of the charities I support. Her request was granted. Consequently, last Friday, Elizabeth handed me the carrier bag containing the knitted front and back of a ladies jumper and some oddments of yarn.

When I went home that afternoon, I began to pull the jumper back. It was a bit of a fiddle as each row of the pattern was made up of ten “boxes” and six colours. There was a plain colour box, next came a two-colour box made up of the first two plain colours knitted on alternate stitches. Then came plain colour number two, then two-colour using colours two and three and so on to the end of the row. I have to admit I did not relish the task of unravelling!

Whilst I was pulling back the first half of the neck shaping on the front, Peter came into the room and remarked on how attractive the mix of colours looked. Suddenly a lightbulb lit up in my head! 💡 I could make a blanket by sewing the front and back of the jumper along the top edge of each! It would certainly save me a huge amount of work.

I set to, grafting the two halves together. Looking good, so far…!

Next I had a good look at what I had created. It was actually too long and thin to make a successful, usable blanket. I realised that I could crochet a border – quicker and easier than knitting one – using the oddments of yarn that were in the carrier bag. I decided to crochet more rows along the long edges of the blanket than on the top and bottom edges, in an effort to make the blanket a more usable size and shape. Along each long edge I chose some of the colours that ended on that edge, in an effort to tie-in the crocheted edges with the knitted body of the blanket. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t too bad, either. I think this is a good idea to keep in mind if you are ever given a part-knitted item: repurposing without too much effort!

On Sunday of this week I completed several projects. The blanket mentioned above was one and another was a multicoloured crocheted rabbit like these.

Three little bunnies, who will soon be hopping off to Syria.

Three little bunnies, who will soon be hopping off to Syria.

I also completed one of the knitted dresses in the photograph below. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I found the pattern.

Two knitted dresses

Two knitted dresses

As these dresses, along with my other finishes on that day, have been given to Syria Relief, I thought this pinafore design might be more useful than the top-down dresses I have knitted previously. It may be possible for these little pinafores to be used as tops for little girls, after they have been outgrown as dresses. It would be good if they can be as it would extend their period of usefulness, which can only be a good thing.

There is no photograph of my final finish, I’m afraid, as I simply didn’t think to take one! It was a sleeping bag that I relined so that it could be included in the convoy of aid that Syria Relief and Lifeline Help are despatching tomorrow.

I would like to mention how pleased and proud I am that my elder son, Duncan, and my friend, Liz, have both been working hard as volunteers helping to sort donations at the Syria Relief warehouse in readiness for the convoy which is due to leave later today. Also, thank you to everyone who has made and given me items for Syria Relief.

Every little helps.



2 thoughts on “Making A Blanket – The Cheat’s Way!

    • I’m so glad Peter made the comment he did when I first showed him the pieces, as that was what inspired me to think of making it into a blanket. I wish all blankets were as quick and easy to make! Ha ha ha.


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