Bossymamma Cheats Again!

A mystery parcel

A mystery parcel

Yep! Just like in my last post, I am cheating. I know, I’m a scoundrel and a disgrace, and I have a nerve describing myself as a crafter, especially as I didn’t make anything that I’m including in this post… But I think you might forgive me when you see what’s coming in this post. Well, I hope you will!

This morning I was upstairs when I saw the post person delivered two non-descript envelopes through our letterbox. Two or three minutes later there was a knock on our door. When I opened the door the post person was standing in front of me, holding three parcels, one of which was from Australia. One of the parcels was for a neighbour but the other two were for me! Including the one from Australia!!!

I wondered if the parcel might be from my sister but I was wrong: it was from an online friend who lives in Sydney. Larisa and I ‘met’ when we both took part in one of the Very Berry Handmade ATC swap and we have been friends ever since. In fact, when I was planning a trip to Australia earlier this year, we were hoping to meet in person. Unfortunately those plans went awry, but now Larisa had sent me a parcel. Ooh, what could it be?

This looks interesting...

This looks interesting…

When I opened the envelope this package was inside.

I peeled off the pretty pink flowered washi tape that was sealing the bag and removed the fabric parcel which was tied up with string, with a pretty handmade tag and fabric strawberry attached.

Fabric parcel with lovely handmade gift tag and fabric strawberry attached

Fabric parcel with lovely handmade gift tag and fabric strawberry attached

One of the two extra surprises in the parcel

One of the two extra surprises in the parcel

When I turned the parcel over there were two extra surprises to behold: one was a pretty flowered envelope, the other this lovely, delicate handmade bookmark. It was such a coincidence as it had only been a couple of hours since I read Larisa’s tutorial for making the bookmark! I didn’t dream that I would be the lucky recipient of one of the bookmarks!

Beginning to unwrap my parcel

Beginning to unwrap my parcel

I untied the string including removing the tag and strawberry, then turned the parcel over and began to unwrap the parcel.

Ooh, what's this?

Ooh, what’s this?

Ah, this is the front!

Ah, this is the front!

Look what I found inside the fabric wrapping…

I undid the fastening...

I undid the fastening…

It is a beautiful, handmade sewing folder. You can read more about it here on Larisa’s blog.

Look st all those goodies!

Look at all those goodies!

When I opened the folder it was full of goodies! There was a fabric marker pen, a seam ripper (Peter remarked that the seam ripper would have plenty of use! 🙂 ), a piece of lovely purple patterned fabric, a card of printed cotton tape, some buttons and this lovely little needle case:

Just look at those quirky pins!

Just look at those quirky pins!

I am absolutely thrilled with this thoughtful gift. I am a huge fan of Larisa’s work: her fabric choices, the way she puts her ideas together and the little details she adds all make her projects enchanting… And this particular project is mine!

My pretty sewing folder!

My pretty sewing folder!


4 thoughts on “Bossymamma Cheats Again!

    • Not only did I take my time when I first opened it, I took just as long every time I showed anyone as I wanted them to enjoy that wonderful feeling of anticipation that I had enjoyed! Thank you so much, Larisa!


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