A Few Quick Sewing Tips

“What have wooden coffee stirrers to do with sewing?” I hear you ask. Well, today on The Craft Channel the guest demonstrator for The Crafty Kit Company, unfortunately I didn’t catch her name, showed how useful wooden coffee stirrers are for turning fabric the right way out when you have stitched two pieces together! I haven’t tried it yet, as I don’t have any of the wooden stirrers, but I shall be collecting some as soon as I can and giving it a go.


An easy way to peel the paper off fusible web after it has been attached to fabric.

Janet Clare, on Create and Craft today, mentioned a good tip for removing the paper from fusible web after it has been ironed on to fabric. If you try to peel the paper from the edge of the fusible web it may well cause fraying on the edge of your fabric. Instead, you should fold the area of paper across your finger and carefully score the paoer with scissors. You should then be able to remove the paoer from the fusible web easily.


How to keep your pins sharp in handmade pincushions

If you are making a pincushion for yourself or as a gift, use a steel wool scourer, or some steel wool from a DIY shop, as some or all of the stuffing. It will help to keep your pins sharp when you push them into the pincushion.



2 thoughts on “A Few Quick Sewing Tips

  1. Great tips. Thank you, Dina! I usually use a chopstick for turning the fabric out. And with the fusible web, I usually rip the paper carefully in the middle of the piece and then peel it from the centre to the edges to keep them from fraying.


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