Breeding Season Is Over

What was that word, again?

What was that word, again?

This is a very special rabbit. Not because she enjoys reading dictionaries – although, as you can see, she has plenty to choose from! No, she is special because she is the last in a long line of bunnies. The rabbits I have been producing for children in Syria have stopped breeding and my little pink princess is the last one – at least, for the time being.

I have crocheted the last of the yarns that I had set aside for the making of bunnies. The yarn was a bit like the never-ending porridge pot: whenever it looked as though I had almost used it all, more appeared, courtesy of Elizabeth. At times, I could have been tempted to call the regular donations of yarn a poisoned chalice! Occasionally it felt as though I was chasing my tail, trying to finish off all the odds and ends. However, despite all my complaining, I really appreciate Elizabeth’s generosity. It has meant that I have been able to crochet probably more than fifty toys, which I hope will bring a little comfort to some children in Syria. Those poor little mites are suffering in so many ways from the ongoing conflict in their homeland: I wish I could help them all. Thank goodness for charities like Syria Relief and Hand In Hand For Syria.

I haven’t quite decided what I shall knit or crochet next. I have some rather nice aran yarn which I think I shall have a play with.

Now, where’s that lovely pattern I saw the other day that called for aran yarn…?


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