I Can’t Quite Believe It!


Completed – at last!

Ooh, it’s been a long time coming. It seems like such a long time since I had a completed make to show you on here. Well, it is a long time. Unfortunately, my creativity has been pretty much squashed out of my life these past four or five months because of “stuff” that has been happening. Usually, if I’m sitting down, I’m doing some craft or another. In fact, Peter has often commented on it. However, lately I have had to make do with scrapping around with odds and ends of knitting and crochet occasionally.

In the summer, I kept myself busy sewing lots of scrappy patchwork blocks which I planned to make into a couple of quilts for Siblings Together. I was making excellent progress (and using up loads of my fabric scraps), when B-O-O-M! Life upped and jumped in the way. Consequently, Cherry (my Brother 1250D sewing/embroidery machine) had to be mothballed. Little did I realise how long she would lie rejected and alone…


More detail of some blocks

At around the same time, I was given a bag of yarn that had been unsuccessfully knitted. The donor hoped that I would be able to use the yarn to make something that could be donated to Syria Relief. As I knew I would be unlikely to be able to concentrate fully on whatever project I worked on, I decided to crochet a blanket. I would normally try to use darker colours for a blanket as conditions for Syrians, both those inside Syria and refugees, mean that access to water for laundry can be difficult. However, the yarn I was given was in pastel shades which dictated my palette.

In addition to the donated yarn, I used lots of odds and ends of yarn from my stash (I’m sure those odds and ends breed as soon as I close the door of the room where I store them!), plus three or four balls that I bought from the ‘Reduced’ basket at my local yarn shop.


The border consists of two rows of half trebles

I began making squares by crocheting rows of treble crochet into 6″ squares. When I was well in to the project, I decided to make some traditional granny squares to add a little variety. To finish the blanket, I crocheted two rows of half trebles around all four sides of the stitched-together squares.

I am quite pleased with the completed blanket, especially as it was cobbled together from all sorts of odds and ends. And, my goodness, I am so pleased to have finished something, after such a long time. 🙂


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