Lace – But Not As You Know It


Yes, I know. the photograph above shows lace as you do know it, but I’m not talking about that sort of lace.

I’m talking about this sort of lace:


What do you mean, “it’s not lace”? Of course it is. It’s Botany Lace, an Araucania yarn. See, I told you it wasn’t what you were expecting!

I recently went to Somerset for a short break, staying with Little Sis. It almost goes without saying that I took some crafty stuff with me. However, once I had finished knitting the couple of scarves I had planned, I didn’t particularly fancy doing the hand embroidery I had also taken along. Neither did I feel like carrying on with the socks I was in the process of knitting. Cue Little Sis in her Sunday-best rescue gear, carrying some beautiful, soft, scrummy, mauve Manos yarn for me to use. OK, OK, mauve isn’t blue so it’s not the ball of yarn in the photo above! I checked the label to see what size needles or crochet hook to use and the yardage I had available, then trawled through Ravelry. After entering all of my search criteria (I love that there are so many ways to narrow the search on Ravelry, including “yardage”) I chose my project from the selection on screen and set about making it. Unfortunately, my yarn was being eaten up by the pattern far too quickly and it soon became obvious that I wouldn’t have anywhere near enough to complete it.

Back to the drawing board. Little Sis immediately disappeared and I could hear her donning her rescue gear again. In she flew, like Superwoman, bearing more yarn: this time, about 300gm of the Araucania Botany Lace in the gorgeous shaded blue shown above. I headed in the direction of Ravelry once more and entered lots of criteria for another search, clicked the button and up came this top-down raglan cardigan design. The cardigan was designed by Carole Barenys and, in case you haven’t signed up to Ravelry but would like to knit it, is available on Knitting on the Net. I enjoy knitting top-down patterns – probably because they do away with the dreaded sewing up!

I began knitting immediately, using some of Little Sis’s circular needles. It was my friend, Elizabeth, who shared the pleasure of knitting on circular pins with me, and I do find that I enjoy using them. Little Sis, on the other hand, did a quick impression of Little Miss Grumpy when handing the needles to me, saying that she doesn’t like using them!

I didn’t manage to finish the cardigan until a few days after I had returned from Somerset but here it is, below, in all its lacy glory.



2 thoughts on “Lace – But Not As You Know It

  1. It’s a nice pattern, seems like an easy one too. I feel a bit sorry that I lost all my excitement and inspiration for knitting. Hopefully one day it will come back to me again. This blue colour is really beautiful.


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