The Holiday is Over

We arrived back from our holiday yesterday. We both appreciated being able to get away for a break and enjoyed the whole thing – but perhaps not in ways that you might expect.

To begin with our holiday was shortened by one day as the ship’s return to Bristol from its previous cruise was delayed by severe weather. This was just a little disappointing but that was all.

On the Friday we left home earlier than originally planned because we were ready and I didn’t want to start doing anything else. Also, I wanted to be able to drive to Bristol without any time pressure. Our early arrival for embarkation was no problem as we were able to board immediately.

From the outset, our voyage was a little ‘bouncy’ but wearing my “sea bands” protected me from suffering any ill-effects, unlike several other passengers. Our lively passage continued for almost the entire trip and, at Flam, made getting ashore a very interesting experience as the weather conditions were constantly changing, including storm force winds with hurricane force gusts. When you are sitting in a tender you can feel the effects of those conditions rather effectively! However, it made an interesting experience and, by keeping any fear well and truly banked down, I was able to enjoy being thrown around!

I had taken four craft projects on holiday with me: hand embroidery, patchwork, crochet and knitting. I managed to do some work on each of the projects at various times during the holiday, but did not finish any of the items – mind you, I did not expect to finish any of them. I derived great pleasure from sitting quietly working on my crafts or listening to a talk or a performance whilst crafting.

The weather was so miserable that we did very little when we went ashore but I don’t think either of us felt any particular disappointment. Although I did manage to buy four balls of variegated, slubbed yarn to use in felting. Each ball is a different colourway and should give interesting effects. The price of that yarn was reduced which made it even more appealing!

Oh crikey! I’ve been waffling on, as usual. Sorry. This post was supposed to be about after the holiday!

When Peter paid for the holiday as my birthday present we agreed that I would drive both to and from the port at Avonmouth, Bristol (about 185 miles each way). I was happy with that arrangement. However, soon after we left Avonmouth yesterday I began to feel somewhat below par. It wasn’t really anything I could put my finger on. In fact, I had to stop at a service area and to have a nap in the car – and, no, it wasn’t because of wild living on holiday! That feeling of ‘not right-ness’ stayed with me all day. I was due to go to a party that my elder son was having last night but when I spoke to him in the early evening, he told me not to go because he was worried I would have an accident.

I awoke fairly early this morning and was feeling OK but, as the morning wore on, anxiety reared its ugly head. I am always so disappointed when anxiety makes an appearance. It is a shame that it decided to jump out and bite me so soon after my holiday but that’s just the way of things, isn’t it? I had a lovely holiday but this morning has been proof that the holiday is over.


2 thoughts on “The Holiday is Over

  1. Thank you, Jenny. Anxiety is always in the background so it is part of my “self” – but when it makes itself known it just gets me down a bit. I'm OK now, I think it was just a 'blip' – thank goodness.


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